HONOLULU (KHON2) — Growing up, many of us had a favorite TV show you had to watch.

KHON2 introduces you to a kid who took his dad’s favorite show, and turned it into a talent of his own.

“This one is my first drawing,” said Jared Longgay. “This is a drawing of Goku from Dragon Ball.”

Jared Longgay is a shy 8-year-old. But get him to start talking about Dragon Ball Z, and his face lights up.

“My dad loved Dragon Ball when he was a kid,” said Longgay. “Then I started drawing and watching.”

The Maui boy puts pencil to paper, and draws what he sees on the TV screen. He’s never had formal training.

He can’t fully articulate his thought process.

“Sometime I just put it in my head,” he shared. “Then I start drawing it. Sometimes I search it, and I usually Youtube and try to draw it.”

Somehow, his understanding of anime flows from his hands.

“I usually draw with pencil, then I outline it,” added Longgay. “Then I erase the pencil marks. Then, I start coloring the picture.”

If you’ve never watched Dragon Ball Z, chances are, you know about it.

It’s a popular series that introduced a generation of American audiences to Japanese anime.

The character Goku is innocent, and kind-hearted; always looking to better himself. That is something this kid relates to.

“Because it’s fun. I enjoy it, and it helps me,” he said.