Trades are returning, bringing an increase in windward and mauka showers

Weather Blog

The trade winds are expecting to return across the state by late Sunday into early Monday. 

We can expect these breezy 15-20 mph conditions to last for only couple days, as by Wednesday we expect to see those trades weaken to 10-15 mph.  This will be the trend into the weekend.

With the return of the trades, we can also expect to continue to see windward and mauka showers.  We have seen heavy downpours and ponding this past weekend, and we may see another round of that on Monday.

There may be an increase of showers this Thursday as a weather disturbance makes is way over the islands.  

This weekend may hold another stormy round of weather across the islands, beginning Saturday night into Monday.  

This is a weather disturbance moving up from south of the islands, bringing a slight chance of thunderstorms.

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