Trade winds return for the start of Hurricane season

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Model agreement remains good with high pressure far to the northeast which will maintain a trade wind pattern through much of the week. 

Satellite over the region continues to show some high clouds off to the east of the islands associated with an upper level trough that will continue to move away from the area over the next couple of days, having minimal impact on the local weather.

Otherwise moisture will continue to be carried in on the trade wind flow, primarily bringing clouds and showers to windward sides of the islands.

Some afternoon clouds and showers are likely to form over the Kona slopes of the Big Island as is typical in a trade wind flow.

The high is expected to stay nearly stationary for the remainder of the weekend and then slowly drift to the west.

A front approaching the islands from the northwest later this week is expected to stay north of the islands, and will help to weaken the high to the northeast, but another high moving in north of the islands will quickly replace the current high, helping to maintain the trade wind flow.

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