Trade winds gone Thursday, showers ramping up this weekend

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — A high pressure ridge north of the state is providing moderate trade winds. Showers riding the trades will push into the windward coasts and slopes with an occasional shower reaching leeward locations. This pattern will remain through Thursday before a front dropping down from the northwest pushes the ridge toward the state.

The ridge will settle over the state Friday, effectively cutting off the trade winds and allowing for daytime sea breezes and nighttime land breezes with some afternoon showers building up over the island interiors.

Cooler than normal temperatures are anticipated Thursday night and Friday night as the land breezes carry cooler air down the mountain slopes.

An upper trough northeast of the islands may enhance showers Saturday into Sunday, most notably over Maui County and the Big Island. The front itself will make its closest approach Saturday night and then likely dissipated and move away to the west.

Saturday and Sunday, the ridge is expected to move north of the state with gentle trade winds returning. Limited windward and mountain showers are expected Sunday and Monday as the upper trough moves away. Another front will follow early next week keeping island winds light and showers minimal.

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