HONOLULU (KHON2) — The strong winds and heavy rain have caused floods, downed trees and even damaged aircraft in Honolulu.

Two Mokulele Airlines planes were damaged Sunday night after a cargo container went tumbling as a result of a wind gust.

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The airline’s CEO Stan Little said they are working to get one of the planes fixed by the end of the week. While, it could take more than a month for a second damaged plane to operate again from the extensive damage.

Little said, “Strong enough that it picked up one of the cargo containers. It sent it flying across the ramp like a tumble weed, and it hit one of our planes, knocked that plane to a 90 degree angle. Then it continued on, and it hit a second plane, if you could believe that.”

About 25 to 30 flights were cancelled Monday due to the wet weather throughout the state.

Naty Poveda was among the passengers whose flight to Lanai was cancelled.

“Today we called,” Poveda said. “They rescheduled for today but we come here. They say we have to reschedule again. I don’t know if we have to fly tomorrow. I hope yes, but I am not sure. I am not sure.”

Little said they are working to get the airline fully operational within the next 72 hours.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said the worst of the storm has not yet passed. Monday night is expected to bring heavy rain to Oahu.

The city’s Emergency Management Director Hiro Toiya is calling on people to stay home, if possible.

“We really ask the public to stay vigilant,” Toiya said. “Pay attention to your surroundings. Really don’t take any chances at this time. If there’s any non-essential activities you can curtail at this point, please do so and go somewhere safe.”

The city closed its six public golf courses, the Honolulu Zoo and city parks and park facilities due to the storm. City officials will consider reopening those facilities Tuesday if weather conditions improve.

The city will maintain its four emergency shelters for people who need a safe and dry place to wait out the storm.

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The emergency shelters are located below.

  • Kalakaua District Park
  • Makaha Community Park
  • Sunset Beach Recreation Center
  • Kailua District Park