HONOLULU (KHON2) — Kauai police and fire crews evacuated residents from Wailua River View Estates early Saturday morning.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms flooded Kauai’s north and east shores overnight.

Some Kapaa residents said they woke up to the sounds of loud thunder and lightning and saw how bad the flooding was at first light.

“I got up around 7 this morning and it was still coming down pretty hard,” said Kapaa resident Daniel Kimball. “I went outside and saw that the water had come up all the way to our house, about two feet deep in the road, about waist deep.”

Kauai Police shut down nearby roads but residents in neighboring Wailua were hit the hardest.

Kauai police said 25 people had to be evacuated from lower Wailua in the middle of the night.

“Over near Haleilio and Apana Road the water levels got high to a point where a family needed to be evacuated,” explained KPD Capt. Roderick Green.  “The Kauai Fire Department actually used rescue boards and they also had assistance from a kayak company in the vicinity.”

He said a family of 20 had to be rescued. “Eight to ten were keiki under eight years old.”

“There was an additional family of five who also needed rescuing but they actually walked out on their own,” Capt. Green said.

 The Kauai Bus transported all of residents to Kapaa Middle School.                                                   

“Because of social distancing and with everything going on with the Covid-19, we kept that family intact on the bus and transported them up to the shelter,” Capt. Green said.

Wailua and Kapaa residents said it was the worst flooding they’ve seen.

“Without giving an actual number, it’s definitely one of the highest levels we’ve ever seen to the point where cars were flooded,” said Capt. Green.

“Definitely brought back memories (of the 2018 flooding), it was kind of the same last time. The North Shore got it worse that time, but east side definitely got it worse this time around,” said Kimball. .

Kuhio Highway in the vicinity of the Wailua Bridge was closed in both directions.

A flash flood watch remains in effect for Kauai.

A flash flood warning means flash flooding is imminent or occurring in streams, roads and low-lying areas. Do not cross fast-flowing or rising water in your vehicle or on foot.

Ponding, low visibility and other hazardous driving conditions are expected. If you must drive, please do so with extreme caution.

For updates on road conditions and closures, please call 241-1725. Please do not call Kauai police 911 unless you have an emergency.

For weather updates call the National Weather Service automated weather line at 245-6001, or visit the NWS website www.weather.gov/hawaii.

To sign up for Blackboard Connect, the county’s emergency notification service, please go to the county’s website www.kauai.gov, or call the Kauai Emergency Management Agency at 241-1800.