HILO, Hawaii (KHON2) — Hilo right now is grey and stormy. This is nothing though compared to the Volcano communities.

KHON2 has been here since Sunday. The Big Island has gotten absolutely pummeled with the rain and strong winds.

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Most of the damage on Hawaii Island from this storm has to do with power outages and downed trees.

The weather knocked out power in some communities. Other communities are heading into their second day without electricity.

Big Island residents are picking up the pieces after the storm.

Severe weather pummels the Volcano communities.

“It was blowing really really hard last night. So it was scary,” said David Smith, Volcano resident. “Power went out about 2:30 yesterday, and its been flickering on and off but nothing steady at all.”

The howling wind brought down three massive trees on his property.

“We heard a big crack and then a boom,” added Smith.

The Smiths got lucky. They say it doesn’t look like their roof was damaged. If this tree had fallen just two feet more to the right, it would have wiped out their water catchment.

“No more water,” explained Smith. “10,000 gallons of water gone. Then I have to pay to get another one, and they cost about $5,000.”

The downed trees are not just impacting power, but also water.

“We had a tree that fell over a water tank in Hilo” said Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth. “That took about 250 people’s homes, well actually 250 homes off of water.”

Smith says he’s just grateful because this could have been a lot worse.

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“God had his hand on us in the storm,” Smith shared. “It could have been a whole lot worse. So I’m just thankful we’re safe. Our house is safe. My jeep is safe. The catchment is safe. So we’ll just hunker down until it’s over and move forward.”