HONOLULU (KHON2) — First responders reported a 17-year-old male and two 16-year-old females in distress at Queen’s Bath beach in Kauai on Saturday, Jan. 15.

“We urge the public that entry in these hazardous conditions can result in injuries or drownings and puts the lives of the public and our first responders at risk,” said Michael Gibson, the deputy chief of Kauai Fire Department (KFD).

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According to KFD, one patient experienced mouth injuries when swept in hazardous ocean conditions. All three patients suffered multiple lacerations.

Gibson said they locked the access gate to Queen’s Bath in October 2021 due to hazardous ocean conditions, but people have continued to bypass the gate.

KFD noted that when first responders arrived at the scene, the patients were in distress near an area known as the Horseshoe at Queen’s Bath. The hazardous surf deemed the situation unsafe after multiple attempts to verbally guide the patients to a safe location.

Two swimmers climbed aboard an island structure and the other remained in place. KFD’s Air 1 rescue helicopter then retrieved the three swimmers.

KFD said the three patients were then transported to a landing zone at Princeville Golf course, treated by AMR personnel and then were sent to a local hospital.

The scene was cleared at around 4:40 p.m.

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The gate to Queen’s Bath will remain locked through Spring 2022 or until KFD decides it is safe.