PEARL CITY, Hawaii (KHON2) — When we go on hikes, it is always a good idea to ensure that our cell phone battery is fully charged and that we have an extra backup battery in case we get lost.

One hiker who got lost on Pearl City’s Mānana Ridge Trail can attest to this.

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The Honolulu Fire Department said that they rescued a male aged 43 who had become lost on the trail.

He had been hiking for eight hours and became lost after the sun set.

According to HFD, he called 911 at 7:06 p.m. but only had a 40 percent charge on his phone.

Since HFD needs the phone for its geolocation as well as to use as a means of locating lost hikers in the dark, HFD had to work fast.

They assessed the risk of an aerial rescue and determined that it was safe.

HFD then instructed the lost hiker to use his phone’s light to show them where he was located in the ridge trail.

HFD said they located him by 7:42 p.m. After HFD assessed his physical condition and found that he had no injuries, they airlifted him to a nearby safe zone by 8:11 p.m.

HFD provided a few safety tips for when we decide to enjoy the myriad hikes that O’ahu has to offer.

When going on a long hike, begin early. It is not safe to wait until after dark or near dusk as you can become lost or hurt and your chances of rescue become fewer.

Bring a cell phone with you and ensure that the battery is fully charged. If possible, bring an extra battery.

Bring water or some hydrating beverage with you so you can remain hydrated.

Be sure to pack any medications that you may need.

Remain on the established trail to reduce your chances of becoming lost or injured. It is easy to get lost on self-determined paths. HFD said that most accidents occur when hikers leave the trail and disregard warning signs.

Know what your physical capabilities and limitations are before taking a hike. Choose trails that are conducive with your skill level so you can enjoy your hike safely.

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If you do become lost, then stay put. Call 911 immediately and do not move. Responders will be tracking where your geolocation is based on where you are when you call.