WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — After a week of nationwide protests, some of which turned violent, Democrats in Washington Monday unveiled a sweeping set of legislation aimed at police reform.

The legislation contains changes Democrats say need to happen and whether they have any support from Republicans.

Democrats call their plan the “Justice In Policing Act.”

“This is a first step,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said.

As it stands, the legislation would ban police chokeholds, prohibit no-knock warrants, create a national police misconduct registry, and limit so-called “qualified immunity” which makes it harder for people to sue police departments over alleged misconduct.

“It’s an issue where Democrats and Republicans can come together and agree,” said Indiana Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN).

Carson also wants to do more, saying he and several of his colleagues…

“…are looking at creating a committee that can provide some federal oversight and regular hearings as it relates to police misconduct and police action shootings,” he said.

The White House said some proposals, like ending immunity, are non-starters, but didn’t say which parts President Donald Trump would support, if any.

“He hasn’t reviewed that yet,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEneny. “He’s looking at a number of proposals.”

Illinois Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley said the door is open for the president’s input.

“If he’s going to work with us, he has to work with Congress, has to work on a bipartisan basis to again find common solution,” Quigley said.

Some Republican Senators, like Ohio’s Rob Portman, indicated support for things like collecting more data on police misconduct.

“When we know more about what is happening and emerging trends, I believe we will be better able to address the right public policy approach,” said Portman (R-OH).

Portman also wants to create a national commission on race.