If you are looking for something to do tonight, and you enjoy looking at the stars, we have something for everyone to see in the night sky.

Nick Bradley, the owner of Stargazers of Hawaii joined us this morning on Take 2 to talk about these and other celestial events.

Nick says that last night was the full moon, which is also a super moon and the blue moon. “Blue moon” gets its’ name from the time of year this full moon is present, not because of a color change. It is a super moon because it is closer to Earth, about 222,000 miles to more accurate.

Nick said you can also see Saturn with naked eye, but to see the rings of Saturn, you will need a telescope. You need to look to the east at least an hour after sunset or an hour or two before sunrise. You should also try to get as far away as possible from the city lights.

As far as upcoming celestial events, Nick said that Jupiter will join the show in November, along with Saturn. On December 13th, the Geminid meteor showers will peak. This will not be as magnificent as the Perseid meteor showers we saw recently, but it should still be a good show.

The Stargazers of Hawaii have meetings that anyone can come to. The next event is actually tonight in Honolulu. Nick will bring his giant telescope so everyone can take a look. If you would like more information, just log onto StargazerofHawaii.com.