Employers are hiring, but where are the workers? That’s what a new town hall program on PBS Hawaii is addressing. The show will also discuss impacts to consumers.

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“I think everybody is feeling it. Whether you’re in the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, the non-profit world, you just can’t find employees,” said PBS Hawaii President & CEO Ron Mizutani.

From City & County of Honolulu having over 3,000 job openings to PBS Hawaii having jobs that have been unfilled for more than two years, the jobs are there–waiting to be filled.

When asked what some of the issues are with staffing, Mizutani said people are taking opportunities on the mainland. Also a concern, that goes along with the exodus of workers, is that compensation is not comparable to what is available in other cities throughout the nation.

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Representatives from all industries will join the town hall. The public can participate by calling into the town hall or by asking a question on PBS’ social media pages.

The town hall, Where are the Workers, airs at 7 p.m.