A new Miss Hawaii has been crowned! On Saturday, Star Dahl-Thurston won the Miss Hawaii 2023 title. She won the health and fitness competition as well as the talent phase, in which she wrote a poem about her relationship with shame and affection. Dahl-Thurston will represent Hawaii at the 2024 Miss America Pageant early next year. She joined Take2 to talk about her win and her goals in the upcoming year and beyond.

Here’s more information about the Miss Hawaii Organization, according to its website:

Miss Hawaii (a preliminary competition to Miss America) is a prestigious, non-profit, scholarship and professional development program for women in Hawaii. Ladies in the Miss Hawaii competition range from 18-26 years-old, with an additional Teen division offering opportunities and scholarships to girls age 13-17. Miss America is the largest provider of scholarships for women in the country and was founded in 1921.

​Miss Hawaii is a preliminary competition to Miss America and Miss America’s Teen.

What are the requirements?

Candidates must be:


Reside in Hawaii

Or a Full-Time Student in Hawaii

Ages 13-18 (Teen) or 18-28 (Miss)

​How do I enter:



​What are the phases of competition?

Miss Hawaii:

Private Interview

Health & Fitness

(Athletic Wear)


Red Carpet Gown

On-Stage Question

What do I need to provide?

Candidates must provide:


social impact initiative

90 sec talent performance

wardrobe for competition

Fee $35 participation fee and applicable registration fees.

Teen: Ticket and ad sales.