HONOLULU (KHON2) — For those working on summer projects around the home, there is a place on the island to rent tools and avoid purchasing expensive items that may only be used once or twice.

The HNL Tool Library opened in 2016, its executive director Elia Bruno said the idea came to him as he wanted to begin gardening but quickly realized he did not have the tools to build planters, and the tools he needed came at a high cost.

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Bruno said he also wanted to establish a place where sustainability was the focus.

Bruno said, “Tools are bulky, expensive and often just doesn’t make sense to purchase them, especially because there are so many already sitting in garages so the tool library is that place where all these tools live so that when you need them you could simply come and borrow them for seven days at a time and return them when you’re done.”

The HNL Tool Library also offers workshops every Saturday, members and non-members of the tool library are invited to join.