Let the music play because the Honolulu Jazz Quartet recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. And this weekend, they’ll be performing at the iconic Hawaii Theatre.

John Kolivas, leader of the Honolulu Jazz Quartet, joined Wake Up 2Day with the concert details and 20th anniversary.

For more information, you can view their website here.

The Honolulu Jazz Quartet recently marked their 20th anniversary and has rightfully taken their place as Hawaii’s most enduring jazz combo. The Quartet will be front and center with the Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra for an evening of high energy Hawai’i Jazz with members John Kolivas on bass, Tim Tsukiyama on saxophones, Dan Del Negro on piano, and Noel Okimoto on drums.

HapaSymphony Featuring Honolulu Jazz Quartet will take place at the Hawaii Theatre on Saturday, April 15 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.