HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s time for Food 2Go.

Joining KHON2 with all the puuurfect details is Toe beans & Dreams Cat Cafe.

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Toe Beans & Dreams core philosophy lies in fulfilling dreams, finding homes for homeless animals and providing jobs and training opportunities for young adults with disabilities. 

Their cats are rescued from the streets of Oahu. This is done in collaboration through their non-profit organization.

“We follow the philosophy of TNR or Trap, Neuter [or Spay] and Return, to control the feral cat population on the island,” said a spokesperson for Toe Beans & Dreams Cat Cafe. “If we encounter a cat that is either young, friendly or sick, we will pull them to rehabilitate and then they are put up for adoption through Toe Beans & Dreams Cafe.”

The business has three packages from which you can choose.

The Kitty Playtime package includes two cat lounges that are home to 30+ friendly and playful cats. With your visit, you’ll receive free kitty treats to distribute to their wee fur babies along with 50 minutes kitty playtime.

The High Kit-Tea packages comes with assorted teas, sandwiches, sweet treats and 45 minutes kitty playtime.

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The Private Party package gives you kitty playtime, food and drinks, frozen treats, crafts, games and much more.