Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? How about some mochi, chi chi dango and cookies? That’s what Yo Mama’s Mochi & Snacks offers! Owner Arlene Tokuda joined Wake Up 2day with a look at some of her products.

Yo Mama’s Buttah Mochi Poppers – Enjoy this delicious treat at home, on the go, at work, at the gym, at the grocery store—wherever you are, Yo Mama’s Original Buttah Mochi Poppers are destined to satisfy those watering taste buds of yours. Now available in Ube flavor!

Yo Mama’s Buttah Mochi – Willing to share? Yo Mama’s Buttah Mochi also comes in a 5-Piece bento box style container. Perfect for an “omiyage” (gift) to share with friends and family.

Yo Mama’s U-Biko Buttah Mochi – The newest member of our Butter Mochi family — U-Biko Buttah Mochi aka Japapino. It’s a fusion of Japanese (Mochi) and Filipino (Biko) desserts. It has the biko at the bottom (sticky sweet rice with brown sugar & coconut milk) and our bestseller, ube butter mochi on top.