HONOLULU (KHON2) — Today, it’s all about the big football game coming up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs! If you’re hosting a party or you’re going to one, and you need help in the kitchen, Zippy’s Restaurants can help!

It is offering platters, ohana packs and more. Social Media and Communications Manager Jessica Yamamoto and Executive Chef Trevor Luke joined Wake Up 2Day with a look at some of the platters and food they’re offering to customers.

The two answered these questions:

What are some of the big platters you have offered?

“You know, we have everything available through our take-out counter at Zippy’s restaurants. So over here we have our local favorite we have our platter fried noodle platter. We also have a chicken katsu platter, a Korean chicken platter and everybody’s favorite spam musubi platter.”

How can people order?

“So we ask that you give us at least an hour before to order and you can order through the Zippy’s app or you can order it online and Zippy’s.com.”

What type of desserts are available?

“No party is complete without Napoleons Bakery desserts. We have our apple naples, malasadas mochizadas, cakes, pies. You name it. But for smaller –smaller gatherings we also have our ohana pack, which is even smaller size portions. So if you can’t finish a whole fried, platter, it comes with a small little container of fried noodles and your choice of a chicken katsu, fried chicken, Korean fried chicken and a small chilly.”