They specialize in soft German pretzels and other savory treats. In this Food 2Go segment, we’re checking out what’s on the menu at Sandra’s Bavarian Delights.

Sandra Wilson, Owner of Sandra’s Bavarian Delights, joined Wake Up 2Day with a preview of their menu.

Most of the recipes have been around for centuries and collected by family members. Sorting through old cookbooks and numerous handwritten family paper scripts, as well as old napkins, we discovered a lot of known but also forgotten recipes.

Most people know and love the pretzel. In the German language a pretzel is called “Brezel or Brezn”. The pretzel is a special delight which is very popular and everyone enjoys. There are about 120 different types of pretzels. The variety goes from savory, to zesty, to salty and sweet, regardless if soft or hard there is a pretzel for everyone to enjoy.

Sandra’s Bavarian Delights sell pretzels by the batch and also customize orders. One batch is 10 pretzels. Toppings on offer are cheese, jalapenos, nuts etc. on pretzels. Each topping is an additional $5.00 per batch. Each pretzel is weighted before being baked. No preservatives added!

They ask that orders are made 24 hours ahead. Cakes and large baked or cooked items please order 2-3 days in advance. Delivery is only available for large orders.

They are located at Hana Kitchens at 55 Merchant St, Honolulu HI. It’s the Harbor Court Building also listed on Google under 66 Queen St.

For more information, visit Sandra’s Bavarian Delights’ website.