HONOLULU (KHON2) — The new drought report for Hawaii was released on Thursday. It was not good news for the Aloha state.

The drought is getting worse by the week and is expected to worsen, not only in the near-term, but possibly through the entire rainy season, well into 2024. El Nino is the overall culprit.

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We had Kevin Kodama, the Senior Service Hydrologist with the Honolulu National Weather Service Office, was on Wake Up 2Day last week and discussed the likely dry weather scenario that’s ahead.

In the latest drought report from U.S. Drought Monitor, 100% of Hawaii is now at least in the “Dry” category. While the “Dry” category is technically not drought conditions, it means that those areas are on the verge of going into the “Moderate” drought category.

Hawaii has a 93.32% ranking in “Moderate” drought conditions with 76.87% of the state having “Severe” drought conditions and 4.81% in the “Extreme” drought category.

There is one worse category, the “Exceptional” drought category; but at least for now, no part of Hawaii is in that category. With more dry weather expected, it is likely that portions of the state will go into the “Exceptional” drought category.

Higher winds are also expected beginning Saturday, Nov. 4 and continuing through most of the following week. With little rain expected, of which might only fall on Kauai and/or Oahu, the winds add to the drying situation by exasperating evaporation from vegetation, ground soil, etc.

You can click here if you would like to see the maps, graphics and number from the U.S. Drought Monitor for Hawaii.

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The drier the state gets, the easier it becomes for wildfires to not only start, but to spread. All Hawaii residents should take extreme precautions to avoid wildfires.