HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii has been going through a moderate to extreme drought over the past several months.

It has negatively impacted farmers, ranchers and other areas across the state but it hadn’t really impacted the everyday Hawaii resident that much. That’s exactly how the Honolulu Board of Water Supply wants to keep it.

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With the dry and warm season coming to a peak in July, that’s when we lose a lot of water. If we all just cut back 10% on our everyday water usage, we could more than likely avoid any water conservation rules from being enforced.

Stephen Nordstrom from the Board of Water Supply joined us on Wake Up 2Day this morning to share some great tips on how we can save water at home.

If you stop toilet leaks, cut back on watering your lawn when it rains, and have an easily-made water catchment system in your yard, you can save a lot of water. Stephen also explains how you can get big discounts on water-saving products.