HONOLULU (KHON2) — With the winter flu season just around the corner, there’s a number of vaccines available out there to help protect you from getting seriously ill.

On Monday morning, Sept. 25, on ask a specialist, KHON2 News is talking about what you need to know with Dr. Jennifer Mbuthia.

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Dr. Mbuthia is an allergist & immunologist at the Queen’s Medical Center.

Questions she will cover:

  • There’s lots of talk around the rsv vaccine which is new this year. What is it and who should get it?
  • Just recently it was announced that the updated covid vaccine was approved. What should people know about that vaccine and who should get it?
  • This year’s flu shot is already out and being administered. Who should get it and when is the best time to get it?

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To learn more about queen’s allergy & immunology clinic you can call 691-4970.