HONOLULU (KHON2) — Thanks to new advancements in technology, conditions like tennis elbow and rotator cuff tears can now be fixed with minimally invasive treatments. Learn more with Dr. Lafe Harris, Sports Medicine, at The Queen’s Medical Center-West Oahu in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2Day.

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“It’s imaging-guided and I use a very small incision, less than 5 mm so that’s less than the fingernail on your small finger so you don’t really need anesthesia and it’s quick recovery,” said Sports Medicine Physician, at The Queen’s Medical Center-West Oahu Dr. Lafe Harris.

There are many different types of conditions that can be treated.

“Tennis elbow is one of the most common conditions we treat with this but also any tendon injuries, partial tendon tears, and bone spur removal we’re able to do with this technology. Get in there and get those things fixed with a very small incision.” Dr. Harris added.

Some of the common traits for a patient that is a candidate include needing to recover quickly and have less time off of work.

“Also especially patients who are older and maybe can’t tolerate surgery or have illnesses that don’t allow them to do as much surgery and you’ve been dealing with this for awhile and physical therapy and other stuff hasn’t made it better.” Dr. Harris said.

The process is streamlined.

“You make an appointment, come into the office and in the office we do an ultrasound we look at the area and see if this is something we can treat with this minimally invasive procedure.,” Dr. Harris said. “If it is we schedule you for treatment, you go in get it done, you rest for about two weeks after which you can begin physical therapy and return to your life. This therapy this treatment was developed to get tendons out of this half-healed phase and into the healing process.”

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