HONOLULU (KHON2) — The end of October 2023 marks a month since Hawaii’s beloved mixed martial arts champion Angela Lee Pucci announced her retirement from competitive mixed martial arts.

In the wake of the change coupled with her own personal struggle with suicide and a family tragedy, Lee has dedicated herself to helping people struggling with mental health.

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Lee joins KHON2 to talk story about her new organization Fightstory and how it is dedicated to helping others.

The mission for Fightstory is to provide a way of talking about mental health and bringing the light the dark avenues that lead to some of our more difficult issues that we don’t often talk about.

“Our mission is to change the view on mental health and emphasize the process of overcoming,” declares Lee on the Fightstory site. “We believe that mental and physical health is vital for every individual and the preservation of their well-being.”

Lee wants to inspire, heal and unite through the stories, struggles and triumphs of fighters who come from all walks of life. By speaking the truth, advocating for greater awareness and building a community, Lee believes that lives can saved.

The goal of Fightstory is to create a community that will empower fighters through their connection to the sport, allowing fighters to embrace their journey regardless of how it has formed.

Lee believes that it is through her struggle that she gains strength and that all fighters have a similar path. This is why she is beginning the conversation.

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“By sharing real stories of overcoming mental health struggles, we shine the light on a topic kept in the dark and we break down the stigma surrounding mental health,” said Lee as she explained the goal of Fightstory.