HONOLULU (KHON2) — A fast growing and popular shopping app and website is catching a lot of attention. The Better Business Bureau has received more than 900 complaints and 700 customer reviews about Temu.  People are questioning whether Temu is the real deal.

Dale Dixon from the Better Business Bureau joined Wake Up 2Day in a live interview to explain what Temu is, what the complaints are about and whether or not Temu is worth your time.

When asked what Temu is, Dale explained, “Temu is a Boston-based marketplace for online shopping via a mobile app and via a website. Temu offers products from merchants and manufacturers around the world in multiple categories, including fashion and jewelry, home and kitchen, sports and outdoors, toys and games, and many more. The company states that shipping the order can take 7-15 days.

According to one news site, the online retailer is one of the most popular apps – currently rated number three on Apple and number two on Google devices.”

We then asked Dale what the Better Business Bureau is hearing about Temu.

“It appears Temu is an online marketplace, and the company name is WhaleCo, Inc. which is registered in Massachusetts, as a Foreign Corporation through Delaware.  It appears items ordered are typically directly shipped from manufacturers in China and other countries. As we have said, more than 900 complaints, most of which deal with the quality of the product or shipping/delivery, and more than 700 customer reviews have been received by the Better Business Bureau. These reviews averaged 2.5 stars.”

Should people be using Temu?

Proceed with caution. I’d encourage people to read the Temu profile at BBB.org. It’s easy to find. Just type Temu and BBB into your search engine. Read what people are saying about their experience – and how Temu is responding.

Any time you’re shopping online, research the company at BBB, and play sherlock holmes online.

Only use a credit card so you have some level of protection and keep careful records of orders and communication.”