HONOLULU (KHON2) — During the incident, one neighbor acted as a guide to officers as they tried to stop the gunman. Chaos erupted with screams and gunshots and Warren Daniel was in the middle of it all.

“You can see people running. You can see heavy weapons being drawn.”

Daniel helped police officers get to safe vantage points and pointed out where Jerry Hanel’s unit was.

“They don’t know where he is,” he explained while showing KHON2 his photos and videos he took during the incident. “So this is my tenant’s upper unit and I brought them into the kitchen opening the blinds so they can shot have a shot down to his (Hanel’s) front door.”

Daniel evacuated when they started to see smoke. All he had time to grab was his wallet.

“Swat was at the gate and they did human shield, running us with them out to the park,” said Daniel. “The hard part was watching everything burn while the fire trucks were on standby because they still didn’t know where he (Hanel) was.”

Daniel was able to go back to his place for a few essential items. And continued documenting, this time capturing the destruction of the fire. The massive blaze destroyed homes and vehicles. even charring a police car.

“It was like half a block of devastation,” he said. “Those families lost everything. It’s material goods I get that but it was important for those people.”

The sad part is, he says, it could have been avoided. Daniel was one of the neighbors who had a temporary restraining order against Hanel. He says Hanel wasn’t getting the help he needed.

“He held the neighborhood hostage. It was literally terrorism, domestic terrorism if that’s the right word,” Daniel said. “The system is very sympathetic to the criminal and not to the non-criminal in my judgement, in my experience, because I’ve benn through several court cases with him (Hanel) and I’m appalled.”

Daniel is a steadfast man but Sunday’s shooting and fire have shaken him and his community to the core.

“You’re going to be less trusting, you’re going to call the police more, you’re not going to feel as safe, you smell fire, you hear a siren, I don’t think anybody on our street was naive but now we are battle-hardened,” he said.