HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to Jerry Hanel’s lawyer Jonathan Burge, Hanel had struggled with his mental health.

“He’s had mental health issues since I’ve known him where he thought the government was spying on him, so he was a little bit off but I never imagined that he would have done something like this,” said Burge.

Since 2015, he has had many run-ins with neighbors, including Officer Enriquez seen in footage back in May of 2019. He was charged for the misuse of the 911 emergency telephone service.

“Well, he had history with his neighbors. I had represented him on several TRO matters which he was acquitted on, and as far as the landlord he and the landlord had known each other a long time.”

Hanel was staying at the home in exchange for maintenance but was soon to be evicted by his landlord.

“I know that she was trying to have him evicted because she was moving back to Hawaii and had to live there herself. So that’s kind of the extent of what was going on. But I heard that she had just filed for the eviction on Friday. Maybe she was serving it to him and it pushed him over the edge.”

Burge says that because of the TROs, Hanel should not have been in possession of any firearms.