A vigil for Officer Enriquez becomes a sign of solidarity, community, and hope

Tragedy at Diamond Head

At Kaimana beach it was a very emotional scene. Officer Enriquez’s family showed up, including her children, her ex-husband and her boyfriend. And at one moment, her ex- husband and boyfriend came together. 

HPD officers are trying to make sense of what happened, and they are getting some help. As police officers go back on the job protecting the public, the thought of Sunday’s tragedy is still raw and hard to suppress. 

HPD has a peer support team made up of fellow officers and chaplains to help. Don Faumuina, HPD peer support team: “I was at the substation and I was being relieved by our 2nd watch officer, and I just turned to him and asked him ‘how are you guys doing?’ And he just broke down in tears.”

Officer Faumuina says that’s fairly common with the younger officers who have never gone through anything like this before. 

Don Faumuina: “There’s some of them that’s kinda walking around and questioning why. Why us? Why is this going on? And we have no answer but just to be there and support one another.” 

Support from one another is the most important thing they can get at this point. The officers are also grateful that they’re getting plenty of that from the public. 

Malcolm Lutu, SHOPO president: “I don’t know if the families they’re seeing it from our department, but for us that are still going to work, we are seeing that from the public, and it’s greatly appreciated.” 

Public support has been strong from the start. A memorial outside the Waikiki substation has grown so much that officers set up a table to make extra space. Most of the people who came never knew the officers, but felt they had to be here. The community can also show support for the fallen officers’ by donating to their families. Funds have been set up at Hawaii law enforcement federal credit union branches on Young Street, Pearl City, and Kapolei. 

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