HONOLULU (KHON2) — Running red lights, pedestrian collisions, hit-and-runs — there have been a lot of traffic related accidents these last few years.

The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation is working to mitigate some of the more dangerous intersections with what are known as red-light cameras.

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According to HDOT, red-light cameras take a photo of vehicles that run red lights since often times those who willfully run red lights cause preventable accidents.

Anyone who has violated Hawai’i’s transportation/driving laws will receive warnings when the cameras first come online. Then, after an introductory period, tickets with fines are mailed.

HDOT announced that its newest red-light camera is being installed at the intersection of South Beretania and Piʻikoi streets. Warning citations begin on Wednesday, March 29 and will continue for one month before monetary fines will be enacted.

“The activation of the S. Beretania and Piʻikoi RLSC will add a third site to those currently issuing warnings for red-light violations. Hawai‘i’s RLSCs issue warnings for a 30-day period before they are activated to issue citations,” explained HDOT.

HDOT said that the penalty for running a red light in the City and County of Honolulu is usually a $97 fine.

HDOT considers a vehicle to be in violation of the Hawai‘i Revised Statute 291C-32.

This means that when a vehicle does not stop at the stop line at a traffic light intersection, that vehicle’s owner will receive a citation since it the law that drivers must stop behind the line facing the traffic lights.

HDOT said that thus far in 2023, there have been 1,793 red-light runnings or disregard of traffic signals.

Status of the 10 RLSC sites as of March 28, 2023:

1Vineyard Boulevard and Pālama StreetLive for citations 11/20/2022
1Vineyard Boulevard and Liliha StreetLive for citations 12/12/2022
2Vineyard Boulevard and Nuʻuanu AvenueLive for citations 1/6/2023
2Pali Highway and Vineyard BoulevardLive for citations 1/26/2022
2Pali Highway and School StreetLive for citations 1/28/2022
3Likelike Highway and School StreetLive for warning 3/10/2023
3S. King Street and Ward Avenue 
3Kapiʻolani Boulevard and Kamakeʻe StreetLive for warning 3/22/2023
3S. Beretania Street and Piʻikoi StreetLive for warning 3/29/2023
3McCully Street and Algaroba Street 
Courtesy/Hawai’i Department of Transportation.

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HDOT said they want to remind all O‘ahu motorists that red-light running will be automatically enforced at the 10 RLSC sites.