HONOLULU (KHON2) — Volunteers cleaned up Ka’ena Point Trail by taking out abandoned cars piece by piece.

They sawed the rusty car parts and carried them out of the park.

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At first volunteer Joe Marshall started chopping up the car parts all by himself for a few days.

“Me and my wife walk this trail at least once year on New Year’s Day,” said Marshall. “It’s a great hike to meet people and say ‘Happy New Year.’ It’s a beautiful hike. You get to see whales, seals, birds, dolphins, a lot of good nature out here. This car has been here about three years. It’s just an eyesore. I got sick and tired of looking at it. I know other people are too. Because anybody that comes out here, comes out here for the scenery. So I just decided why not.”

He enlisted the help of several people who joined him on June 11.

The Board of Land and Natural Resources honored Marshall for his efforts. Marshall was recognized as DLNR & YOU Citizen Conservationist this month.

The 18 volunteers that came out were also recognized.

Efforts to get the abandoned cars continued after the initial group effort on June 11.

Marshall and his son cut up a car body together. They had the car parts, which they think weighed 800 pounds, on a dolly that they were trying to move. Marshall said three men came along and offered to help at just the right time.

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“I hope to never see another vehicle out there, or any other junk at all,” said Marshall. “This was a huge undertaking. Kind of like running a marathon. At mile 13 I’m asking myself ‘What the heck was I thinking?’ I’m glad I did it though and all who were involved are the reason this was successful.”