Tsunami watch cleared for Hawaii

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For nearly an hour, the state was under a tsunami watch after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Kuril Islands, for a short time many Hawaii residents braced for the impact.

The Administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, Luke Meyers, said the state needs to be ready for these moments, especially during a unique time when a tsunami watch is not the only threat. The coronavirus pandemic is also a concern and people need to stay safe from both.

“Tonight was a good reminder that we face many hazards and threats in our state and we have to be prepared,” Meyers said. “With the threat that we would be faced with the tsunami we would want people to go up to higher ground and out of harms way, and once they are out of harms way to continue the social distancing and isolation to the best of their ability.”

The first was was predicted to reach Hawaii after 10:30 PM but the tsunami watch has since been cleared. However, social distancing prompted by the coronavirus remains in place.

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