Thunderstorms, lightning strikes Oahu

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Thunder woke many people up early Tuesday morning, and more could be on the way.

Sara Mattison spoke to an expert who tells us this type of weather is unusual to see in late June.

The weather has been pretty wet like this all day.

And this what experts call Instability could allow more thunderstorms to develop.

Tuesday we went to the National Weather Service and they have a device that maps all the lightning strikes.

A lot of them were concentrated in the Makakilo and Kapolei areas.

The images were electrifying but the booming sounds that followed made for a sleepless night.

“I never experienced anything like that. It felt like an earthquake seriously the whole house was shaking,” said Makikilo resident Tena Davis. “The dogs were absolutely terrified that was the worst part they couldn’t figure out what was going on.”

“It was pretty loud the neighbors truck alarm was going off because of the vibrations and what not,” said Makakilo resident Alfonso Bayani.

The West side of Oahu was hit the hardest about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

The National Weather Service tells us in a span of 15 minutes it recorded more than 120 cloud to ground lightning strikes.

Each purple plus and minus sign on the screen marks the spot.

What makes this storm different is that the clouds were sitting a lot higher than what we normally see.

“Typically our convection is a little bit lower topped the taller cloud tops allow for more lightening to produce and stronger thunderstorms,” said meteorologist Melissa Dye.

And there could be more.

“Our atmosphere is still pretty unstable,” added Dye. “We are looking at a little bit of the clouds that we have been seeing today clearing out which would lead to more heating and more instability and allow more thunderstorms to develop into the evening and overnight hours.”

Hawaiian Electric tells us transformers were struck by lighting causing a power outage to about 1,900 customers primarily in the Makakilo and Kapolei areas.

Power was restored to majority of the homes after about two hours.

Officials say other communities experienced a flicker of lights.

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