This heat can be fatal to our food sources, too

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It’s not the lethal heat wave the mainland is experiencing — but Hawaii has been seeing 90-degree temperatures for months.

We humans can drink cold drinks — avoid the sun — and wear light-weight clothing.

But what about farm animals?

Erika Engle spoke to one farmer about his ways to keep his piggies cool.

Heat affects us all, but at Mountain View Farms in Waianae, the pens are designed to keep the animals cool.

Owner David Wong says, “The buildings are designed to carry the hot air up through the center so the hot air escapes through the center and it increases air-flow through the building without us mechanically moving the air.”

David Wong practices Korean Natural Farming.

His pigs get water on-demand from spouts in their pens — which have soil-based foundations — and that also helps minimize the heat.

“So, when you’re on concrete, it gets super-hot during the day and super-cold at night. So there’s a big range change, and we have disease issues, but because we’re on soil, it insulates well so the pigs are extremely comfortable.”

No ordinary pig farm — there was no bad smell near the pens, because microbes — microscopic organisms that are mixed with the soil — process the pigs’ waste. Also, the pigs are not fed slop — but rather, vegetables and microbes.

Wong also uses microbes to grow his vegetables and fruits.

His crops include moringa, which has been called a super-food. It’s a leafy plant related to kalamungay, or marungay — popular in Filipino cuisine.

The microbes boost the plants’ immunity and make them hardier and able to withstand increased heat. this means he doesn’t have to use fertilizers or pesticides.

“In fact, right now, it’s our best growing season because the sunlight period is longer, so they grow faster. And because their immunity is so high, we don’t have a disease or insect issues.”

In addition to staying hydrated, Wong says the microbes in our bodies also help to keep us healthy.

Mountain View Farms online:

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