Theft victim was the type who would have been happy to help those in need

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He served the country for 20 years and continues to do good things for the community. But sometimes good deeds wind up getting punished.

Retired U.S. soldier Celester Thomas is still shaking his head after gasoline was siphoned from his bus. He’s the type who would have been happy to buy the gas for someone who needed it.

Thomas knew something was wrong when he saw the gas cap open on his bus.

“And I can see the fresh gas that was spilled off on the side there. Did someone siphon gas from my bus? That can’t be right,” he said.

He just filled the tank a couple of days ago and hasn’t driven it since. There is a lock on the gas cap but he’s not even sure if he secured it properly. He’s actually relieved that his gas tank wasn’t punctured which has happened to other victims.

Thomas bought the bus a month ago to help brand his business, Soldier to Soldier Realty. He plans to fix up the bus with signs and maybe even put his picture on it. He’s helped a lot of families, both military and civilians, buy and sell homes in Hawaii. And the bus would provide an extra level of service.

“If they’re leaving the island, they have pets they have tons of stuff. A lot of times they sold their car already so I can take this bus and pack all their family up and the animals, the whole nine, and drop them off at the airport,” Thomas said.
“So this bus was meant to do good things?” KHON2 asked.
“Yes, but I can’t do it on E,” he said while laughing.

Thomas started the business three years ago after serving in the Army for 20 years. He says the theft is not that big a deal. He just wishes whoever did it would have just asked him for help.

“I kind of got a kick out of it, I’m always a half full guy. So there’s nothing you can do or get mad about it now cause the gas is not coming back. I’ll go get a gas can. I’ll fill it up enough and go right back around to Costco and fill it back up. Maybe I won’t fill it up this time (laughs).”

Thomas’ personal car is electric. That’s because he feels the price of gas is always too high.

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