Survey shows South Koreans would support North Korea if it went to war with Japan

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Photo: Kim Kyung-hoon/Getty Images

According to a survey from a Seoul-based think tank, if war were to break out between North Korea and Japan, more South Koreans would support North Korea.

The survey, called “The Situation in Northeast Asia and South Koreans’ Perception,” showed that 45.5% of South Koreans would support North Korea, while only 15.1% would support Japan. The remaining 39.4% said they were indifferent.

Although North and South Korea are technically still at war and tensions have waxed and waned in the decades since North Korea invaded the South in 1950, both Koreas share a bitter 40-year history of being colonized by Japan. Moreover, there are still tensions between South Korea and Japan over the ownership of small islands, called Dokdo in Korea and Takeshima in Japan. Japan recently imposed trade restrictions on South Korean goods, which prompted South Korea to quit an intelligence-sharing pact.

The survey interviewed 1000 participants in person in three separate windows: April 5th-25th of 2018; April 5th-25th of 2019; and September 17th-October 8th of 2019.

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