Home security website SafeHome.org released a study that showed Hawaii ranks 23rd in the nation for home burglaries. Data used for the study came from the FBI’s annual crime report.

Hawaii has 6.87 burglaries for every 1000 households. The states with the highest rates of burglaries are, in order: New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Nevada.

Here are some additional facts from the study:

  • Southwest states account for nearly half of all burglaries in the nation with 45% of them. Western states account for 26.3%, Midwestern states account for 19.6%, and Northeastern states account for 9.1%.
  • 63% of all burglaries involve forced entry or attempted forced entry.
  • More than 60% of all burglaries occurred during daytime.
  • The average value of items stolen, including cash, is $2416 per burgle.
  • About 29% of burgled items were recovered.
  • Only 13.5% of burglaries led to someone being arrested.