Server at a New Jersey iHop driven to tears after receiving Christmas-sized tip

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What started out as a regular tip for a waitress in downtown New Jersey ended with tears of joy. She was just two hours into her workday Saturday when she took on a party of 12. 

When they finished eating, the party left an envelope on the table. When she opened it up, she thought the table made a mistake. 

It was a $1200 tip, leaving the waitress stunned. The moment was captured on video and later posted on social media. 

Alicia, who had been working at iHop for the past three years, says the generous tip will allow her and her two daughters to rest easy this holiday season. 

Those generous patrons are part of a nationwide trend where customers leave huge tips for deserving waiters and waitresses. The shift manager said she could not have been more deserving. One of the men in the group tweeted about it, saying if you have the capacity to give a large tip to a waitress this holiday season, I encourage it.

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