HONOLULU (KHON2) — Maui County officials have provided a list of resources on who to contact regarding axis deer issues.

Senator Lynn DeCoite said her office has been getting more calls asking about what is being done and who to call. She was prompted to announce in a press release a list of resources that help those having issues with injured and alive deer, dead deer and nuisance deer.

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DeCoite said they are also awaiting the governor’s signature on a bill that will bring funding and increased game management capabilities and resources to the Division of Forestry and Wildlife.

If you are dealing with axis deer issues see Maui County’s provided list of resources:

Injured and alive deer – Deers that have been injured, for example, by vehicle strikes and are still alive pose a threat to public safety. If a live injured deer is encountered, do not approach the animal. Immediately call: 

  • During regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 7:45 – 3:30 pm, Call the Division of Forestry and Wildlife’s Maui Branch Office (DOFAW) at (808) 984-8100, Molokaʻi Office (808)553-1745, Lānaʻi Office (808)565-7916. 
  • After hours and weekends, call the Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) at (808) 873-3990 or Maui Police Department Dispatch (MPD) at (808) 244-6400. DOFAW will immediately dispatch a trained specialist to secure and capture the animal safely.

Dead deer – Proper disposal of dead deer and carcasses is the landowner’s responsibility. Corpses should be buried or removed. If burial or removal is impossible, the carcasses may be covered with lime, available at local garden and hardware stores. In the event a deer carcass is found in need of disposal, contact:

  • Private lands: Contact the landowner.
  • Government property: Contact the responsible government agency that manages the particular property.
  • State highways: Contact the Department of Transportation, Highways Division at (808) 270- 7466.
  • County roads: Contact the Department of Public Works at (808) 270-7869.

Nuisance deer – Deer are wild animals that are both a resource and a potential pest. For problems with deer on:

  • Private lands: Landowners are responsible for any deer found on their lands. State wildlife laws do not limit the seasons, days or numbers of deer that may be harvested on private lands with a current valid hunting license and in compliance with all applicable hunting regulations and state firearms laws. In cases where harvest is not possible, landowners may wish to employ professional wildlife control contractors or fence their property to prevent deer from entering.
  • Government lands: The managing agency is responsible for deer on government lands. Government land managers in need of assistance may contact DOFAW for interagency technical assistance or advice.