HONOLULU (KHON2) — No fish at the Honolulu Fish Auction is something that rarely happens. However, on Thursday July 21, no longline boats arrived leaving them with no fish and empty floors.

Michael Goto, manager of the Honolulu Fish Auction said, “They have over a hundred vessels and some of them are in port, some of them are still out fishing, some of them are transiting between fishing grounds. So again, every now and then, it’s rare that we have a day where none of them are in port for the auction.”

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When asked if it was due to the big south swell or if this happens during a particular time of year, Goto said, “There are many considerations why it comes down to a vessels downtime in port, and again fishing conditions at sea could be rather related but it generally is a multitude of factors.”

They said the fish not coming in this morning will affect pricing.

“It’s a supply and demand situation when it comes to seafood in Hawaii so if there’s a day like this where nothing shows up, prices are probably, you’re really going to see the price kind of spike in the retail sector.”

Michael Goto

Goto also mentioned the supply is still out there but, “It may be a little bit peaked at the moment and there might not be as much as you’d expect. It’s going to come back, it always does.”

It doesn’t just affect the prices. One of the businesses affected by the auction having empty floors is Off the Hook Poke Market as they couldn’t open today, July 21. However, they ensure their customers that they’ll be open tomorrow, July 22.

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The Honolulu Fish Auction said they are expecting a vessel to arrive later in time for the auction.