Police deny claims of mistreatment by second man in Kahuku wind farm arrests

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Police deny mistreatment of a second man arrested during the protests over the Kahuku wind farm.

For the second day in a row, HPD is on the defensive after they said 62-year-old Kent Fonoimoana claimed that his hands and fingers were hurt during his arrest early Thursday in Kahuku.

Acting police chief John McCarthy held a press conference to show video taken of the arrest.

In the video you can hear Fonoimoana tell one officer that the officer who cuffed him did a bad job.

“(Fonoimoana) says he complied and put his hands behind his back before the officers even asked him to as you can see that’s not necessarily true,” said McCarthy as he showed video of Fonoimoana’s hands held by his side as officers were trying to cuff him.

“The officers are trained to do a handshake and as you can see he’s putting his thumb up to avoid and prevent the flex cups from going over his wrist,” McCarthy explained.

On Thursday, HPD denied Mana Morales’ claim that he was punched and tased during his arrest early Thursday.

Out of the 111 arrests in connection with the Kahuku wind farm protests, McCarthy said that having only two complaints isn’t bad.

McCarthy said there were no arrests Friday. He declined to comment on the number of personnel HPD plans to continue to dedicate to the protests and said they do not have an estimate of how much they have spent so far.

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