HONOLULU (KHON2) — The price of eggs usually goes up at Easter time. This holiday people should expect to pay even more, as prices are being impacted by an outbreak of Avian Flu on the mainland.

The buyer for D. Otani Produce, Kimo Muraki said the cost of eggs has gone up significantly. He said a box of 30 dozen eggs used to cost them between $40 to $50 last year. Now it is more than $100.

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Muraki said it is more than just the season Easter mark-up. The Avian Flu has forced farmers to euthanize millions of chickens in at least 26 states according to the USDA. The disease has not reached Hawaii but the cost of mainland eggs has sure been impacted.

Muraki said, “Be prepared to pay big prices for eggs. Like I said, the egg prices have almost doubled compared to last year. This year alone is pretty much doubled itself.”

Local eggs are about the same price as mainland eggs. A Waialua Fresh dozen of eggs cost a customer nearly $6 at a local grocery store.

Customers like Randy Salangsang said they are paying more for groceries across the board.

Salangsang said, “Your meats, your poultry, pretty much everything has gone up just quite a bit.”

Muraki said customers should brace themselves to pay more. He does not see any price breaks any time soon.

Muraki said, “The loss of chickens and hens, but you still battling the supply of fuel, trucking feed, and everything else that goes on top of it. That hasn’t subsided or changed.”

Shoppers said with the cost of items so high, they are now browsing around for the best prices.

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Gerald Shimizu said, “Before you just go in the store and fill out your needs, and now I got to do more traveling.”