Over the Edge for Special Olympics Hawaii

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What do you get when you cross a brave reporter and a daring fundraiser? You get our correspondent, Jenn Boneza. She got a chance to speak to us and find out more about how the event came about. 

“Athletes are challenged on a daily basis,” said Tracy Bender of Special Olympics Hawaii. “We know people have a fear of heights or are apprehensive about being up high. What better way to support our athletes by showing them that you are trying to overcome your challenges?” 

Jenn said the hardest part about going over the edge is the first part of the rappel when you to lean out away from the railing and the only thing holding you up are those ropes. Then, you let go of your hands, and it is thrilling — and the view was breathtaking. To make a donation or to find out how you can go over the edge next year, go to the Special Olympics Hawaii website.

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