One man dead in fatal Thanksgiving crash

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One man is dead after a two car crash in Kalihi Thursday night.

Thanksgiving holiday ended in tragedy for one family. A 74-year-old man, who was driving a Honda SUV died in a two car crash in Kalihi. Sources say the man was related to the three female passengers ages 41, 66 and 94 who were in his car. The women were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The three people in the second vehicle, a Toyota sedan, were not injured.

Police say both cars were driving on Likelike Highway toward Kaneohe just after 8P.M. The driver of the Toyota stopped near Kamehameha IV road to allow the fire truck that had its lights and sirens blaring to pass through the intersection.

That’s when police said the man in the Honda swerved to avoid the Toyota, but clipped the tail end causing his Honda to flip over.

Hoopani Yagi was driving behind the Honda when the accident happened.

Yagi said the Honda was going maybe a little faster than 35 mph when they approached the intersection.

“He was about maybe 90 feet (behind the Toyota) so he had enough time to break, but I don’t know what was going on. He tried to swerve out of the way that’s what caused him to flip over. (The Honda) swerved maybe five feet and hit the car.”

Yagi said he saw the fire truck.

“The fire truck had his lights on, had his sirens on so I was well aware that the fire truck was on call moving down toward Kaneohe. The fire truck was in the middle of the intersection and the fire truck came to a stop because the driver said that they saw the white suv coming in a little faster so they stopped in the middle of the intersection for that reason,” Yagi explained.

After the car flipped, Yagi said he and the passengers of the Toyota Sedan ran over to help.

“Me and the driver of the black sedan both ran over the to the flipped vehicle and checked for responsiveness.”

“They were all flipped upside down, thankfully they were wearing seat belts.”

He said that three of them were responsive but the man in the drivers seat wasn’t. He added that the older woman seemed to be hurt more than the other two.

“It was mainly the 90-year-old woman, she was the one that was screaming and in a lot of pain.”

Yagi said he was saddened by the accident, especially on Thanksgiving. He wanted to send his prayers to the family of the man who died. He also said he felt sorry for people in the Toyota.

“It was very unfortunate for the people who got hit. They were visiting from another country. This kind of leaves like a bad memory in their mind when they think about their trip to Hawaii,” Yagi said.

The Honolulu fire department was responding to an unrelated incident when the accident happened.

“First and foremost, we send our deepest condolences from the Honolulu fire Department to the family involved. Our prayers and thoughts are with them,” Honolulu Fire Department Captain Scot Seguirant said.

Seguirant also wanted to remind everyone that first responders are there to help save lives.

“When somebody needs help we want that help to be able to get there quickly so that’s why the responding vehicles have lights and sirens. They have to alert people that there’s an emergency.”

Seguirant said its everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our roadways are safe.

He added that paying attention to road signs, the speed limit, and practicing attentive driving habits is the best way to prevent accidents.

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