HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) — The Oahu SPCA Veterinary Clinic and Animal Shelter is located in Wahiawa and works with an organization rescuing dogs from Guam. Seven-month-old Xena was rescued and brought to Oahu on May 4, 2022.

The shelter said they rescue about one animal per month from the organization in Guam, Xena being one of them. The Oahu SPCA Director of Outreach and Development, Kristen Hudson mentioned they have been working with the Boonie Flight Project for a little over a year.

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“Unfortunately, Guam has very limited resources for the crazy over pet population that they have there. So the Boonie Flight Project, they fly animals out of Guam and into stateside homes,” said Hudson.

Xena was found with very severe injuries in the woods of Guam by a couple of hikers.

“And she had basically no fur at all, she had sores all over her body, her fur was gone and the boonie flight project, brought her in, gave her some medical care got her started healing and her hair has been growing back and then they got in contact with us.”

Kristen Hudson, Oahu SPCA Director of Outreach and Development

Once the mixed lab puppy was strong enough, she made the 10-hour journey to Oahu where she was greeted with welcome signs and even a lei. But like every dog that comes from Guam, she is still timid and shy in an unfamiliar place.

One of the kennel techs, Kelley Streadbeck said “right now Xena is very scared and that’s normal, so give her a day or two and I guarantee she’ll be a different dog.”

The shelter said they are always in need of community help for these animals. Click here to help!

“We really depend on our community, whether it’s monetary donations that fund these rescue efforts or volunteering or fostering, and of course also adopting,” said Hudson

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Xena and many others are looking for a home and hope to find one soon.