No end in sight for extra hot conditions at a UH recreation center

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The Warrior Recreation Center at UH Manoa is considered one of the best recreational facilities in the state. But it’s been open for just five years and its already having air conditioning problems.

The lack of AC is causing a sticky situation at the $30 million center.

Xintao Lu said he goes to the WRC almost daily.

“Unfortunately, I experience it myself and it’s not fun,” said Lu. “AC seems to be a running issue with a lot of buildings around here.”

“About two Fridays ago, I noticed there wasn’t a lot of cool air flowing and I was a lot sweatier than usual,” said Daniel Hironaka who uses the rec center several times a week.

The air conditioning went out several weeks ago according to gym users, but UH confirmed the issue on September 20 and has been trying to fix it since.

“We’re not entirely sure what happened. So until we find out exactly what the cause is, then we can figure out what the best next steps are,” said UH Communications Director Dan Meisenzahl.

Meisenzahls said there is a leak somewhere inside the cooling system, which pumps out the cold air.

“Right now priority number one is finding the exact location of the leak and then determining the best way to address the issue as quickly as possible.”

He explained that could take a week or two.

In an effort to cool things down while they’re working on the air conditioning problem, UH brought in 20 huge fans to keep the air flowing.

WRC users said the fans do help.

“The temperature it a little bit better cause they put fans, but before… It was super hot,” said Joseph Ramos who comes in to use the basketball court twice a week.

This isn’t the first problem the WRC has dealt with.

Last year, the floors had to be repaired due to water damage.

The legislators approved $1 million to fix that and make additional upgrades.

Mesenzahl said they won’t know how much it will cost to fix the air conditioning issue until they identify the problem.

Despite the extra hot conditions, people continue to come to the gym.

“We thought we would see a drop off in usage but there has been a very slight drop off. Fortunately this is a facility where people expect a sweat. It’s not the library or one of our classrooms or laboratories so it seems like everyone has been rolling with it,” Meisenzahl said.

Still uses are eager to get some relief.

“Hopefully they can get it fixed quickly. It does make the gym a little more bearable,” Hironaka said.

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