HONOLULU (KHON2) — Does Oahu have a growing feral chicken population? Some might answer that question with an emphatic yes!

The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation partnered with the Honolulu Department of Customer Services for a new approach to discouraging the feeding of feral chickens. 

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Over the past week more than a dozen signs have been installed at five city parks as part of a new campaign focused on informing park-goers to not feed the feral chickens. 

Parks with new signs include:

  • Ala Wai Community Park
  • Kailua District Park
  • Kapi‘olani Park
  • Makiki District Park
  • Mau‘umae Nature Park

Feral chickens might seem cute however, they can create nuisances by foraging in residential areas, crowing at inconvenient hours, posing health concerns with their waste and agitating household pets. 

By not feeding feral chickens, Oahu residents help manage the nuisance and help reduce the feral chicken population in their community.

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For ways to report feral chickens in your neighborhood click here or call 808-768-4381.