HONOLULU (KHON2) — Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro announced on Thursday, three now-retired officers who were in leadership roles during the 2021 Red Hill fuel spill have been given letters of censure.

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In a statement, Navy Secretary Del Toro said, “What happened was not acceptable and the department of the navy will continue to take every action to identify and remedy this issue. Taking accountability is a step in restoring the trust in our relationship with the community.”

But an attorney representing those sickened by the spill said this isn’t accountability.

“This is not what accountability looks like,” said Attorney Kristina Baehr. “What accountability looks like is identifying the leadership and saying that leadership is accountable for their chain of command and disciplining the leadership.”

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In the announcement, Navy Secretary Del Toro decided there were no leaders who deserved to have their tour ended as a result of the Red Hill spill.