Natatorium pool could be restored, reopened in $32 mil project

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The pool at the Waikiki War Memorial Complex Natatorium could be restored under a final E.I.S. filed today.

The City and County of Honolulu’s preferred plan is to rebuild the perimeter deck of the pool and make it operational again, as a saltwater swimming facility that allows ocean water to come in and out for circulation below the surface.

According to the environmental study, the capital cost is about $31.8 million, excluding possible structural adjustments for anticipated sea level rise. That is estimated to cost about 10 million less than a closed-system pool and a few million less that tearing down the pool to create a beach.

Annual operations and maintenance are expected to be nearly $1 million a year. That would cover maintenance and 15 staff, including 4 lifeguards.

“It looks like they tried to strike a compromise and I certainly support that,” said Councilmember Kymberly Pine, chair of the Business, Economic Development and Tourism Committee and vice chair of Public Infrastructure, Technology and Sustainability. “And I support not tearing down the War Memorial structure that was so important to the veterans. In addition to being able to see the restored memorial, giving due respect and honor to our World War I veterans, people will be able to use the facility again, because it will be safe again. I also support efforts to prevent erosion at Sans Souci Beach, because it is an important beach to many local families.”

The Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Waikiki War Memorial Complex is divided into three separate files, available at the following three URLs:

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