HONOLULU (KHON2) — Severe weather impacts our planet all year long in different ways. Sometimes it can be destructive, scary and even fascinating to some.

Americans can prepare for severe weather in different ways. Reading up on your local weather, having extra food and water and even a severe weather emergency preparedness kit can save your life. 

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Generator Tools, a website dedicated to providing information on generators for sale, wrote a study on the most common severe weather questions across the U.S.

They analyzed online search volume related to severe weather and surveyed people about their preparedness for the storms.

One of the most popular searches from their study was people not understanding the difference between a ‘watch’ and a ‘warning’ when the National Weather Service issues a weather alert. 

A hurricane watch means a hurricane is possible but has not yet happened. A hurricane warningmeans hurricane force winds are expected in the next 24 hours and a hurricane could be approaching soon. 

Their study revealed the second most common question people ask is when hurricane season is?

In Hawaii, hurricane season is from June through November. The National Weather Service teams up with Hawaii government every year to refresh the public on their safety plans in place in case of a hurricane. 

Hurricane-related questions including “How to prepare for a Hurricane?” and “How to make a hurricane preparedness kit?” top the list in Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina and Virginia. 

Whereas questions about thunderstorms including “Can you shower during a thunderstorm?” and “How do I comfort my dog during a thunderstorm?” were most commonly asked in Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wyoming.

In Hawaii, the most common severe weather question people want to know is how to make a hurricane preparedness kit. 

Things to have in your hurricane preparedness kit are flashlights, batteries, water for two weeks, canned food, blankets, clothes and a radio. 

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To read the full study on severe weather questions in every state head to Generator Tool’s website