Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said he doesn’t like that his county is behind Honolulu when it comes to positive cases statewide.

Early Monday morning, Victorino announced the first death in Maui County.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce this tragic news of a passing of a resident of Maui County.”

He said the resident was an older male, a resident of Maui, and had an underlying health condition.

After three confirmed cases in the rural areas of Molokai and Hana, Mayor Victorino said grocery stores there have temporarily switched to a call-in, pick-up service. He said non-workers will not be allowed in the stores.

For the rest of Maui County, Mayor Victorino said he wants people to limit the number of people who go shopping in stores.

“Why do you have to take your whole family? Why don’t we all use common sense?” he said in a late-afternoon press conference.

He encourages only two household members go shopping at a time.

He also said there are people in Maui County not taking the stay at home order seriously and that Maui police are done issuing warnings.

“Roving roadblocks, like what we have for a DUI, and we’re looking at something like that for this issue,” he said. “We’ve been patient, now we’re going to have to be stricter.”

MPD said they have issued 101 citations in the last week.

Honolulu police said they will start cracking down on enforcement beginning Tuesday.

To date, HPD has issued 353 citations and over 4,000 warnings.

Kauai is the only county that has a roadblock mandate and also limits the number of shoppers in a store to just one person per household.